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Ken’s Top 10 eLearning Tips

1 | The 4 step rule

  1. Introduce the learner to what they are going to learn.
  2. Teach the learner.
  3. Reinforce what they have learned.
  4. Summarize what they have learned.

2 | Minimize passive learner experience

NO MORE than three consecutive passive learner screens.

3 | Interactivity

Activities, videos, scenarios, & knowledge checks are all great ways to engage learners, however, interactivity doesn’t have to include ‘clicking’. Using narrative and posing questions are simple ways to involve your audience.

4 | Make it stick!

Stories & examples make it memorable.

5 | A (good) picture is worth 1000 words

And a video is worth a million. But don’t just add pictures to fill space or add decoration, use photographs or illustrations which enhance the learning and add clarity to your message.

6 | What’s in it for the learner?

Tell them what they stand to gain (or lose by not learning).

7 | Apply the learned skills

Allow learners to apply their new skills to novel examples in your module.

8 | K.I.S.S. = Keep it simple silly

1 idea per page. FOCUS on what matters. Prioritize what’s crucial.

9 | Feedback, Feedback, Feedback

Hint: Have the learners uncover information through feedback based scenarios. A great way to present facts, is to pose a question instead of flatly stating the information. For example, ask “How many children suffer from Celiac Disease?” Put the answer on the next slide.

10 | Clearly state learning objectives.

Describe how they can be observed & measured when performed by the learner.
Good luck! What would you add to this list? Feel free to comment below.