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Thanks for surfing by. If you’re as passionate as I am about human-centred design & technology, then you’ve come to the right place. I believe design is not simply about making things beautiful. It’s about enhancing clarity, credibility and usability.  I like to play in the intersection of design & technology to create more effective & engaging user experiences. Thoughtful solutions can simplify the way we live, learn, and work.

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Digital Interaction Leader

Game mechanics in eLearning – #1 Storytelling

Years experience in multimedia & eLearning design

Led over 700 eLearning projects

Guided creative strategy for 15+ brands

My Blurb

Creating engaging, human-centred experiences using technology & design is my passion. It’s a huge part of who I am and how I think; it’s engrained in me and always has been. Even as a child, I used to take things apart to learn how they worked and see if I could figure out a better, simpler, more user-friendly design.

That childhood curiosity and desire to innovate has only gotten stronger. I’ve had an enriching career thus far and recently, I have loved using my problem-solving & mentorship skills in an eLearning and web development capacity. I can’t wait to take on the next trailblazing project! – Thanks for surfing.

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